Lorie Roberts

Lorie Roberts distinct blend of compassion, insight and experience enables her to inspire, encourage and support stressed and burnt-out professionals to increase their happiness, satisfaction and effectiveness in work and life through becoming more aligned with themselves and their true purpose.

Lorie returned to school and graduated with honours, which was followed by working as an addictions counsellor, adult education teacher, and a career and employment counsellor spanning over 20 years. Lorie’s programs, based on her personal and professional experiences assist others to find their true purpose in the world.  

After experiencing multiple challenges as a youth, Lorie ended up as a single mother with little or no education or work prospects. Feeling lost and confused, Lorie found the courage to reach out for help which catapulted her on an amazing fast-track of growth mentally, emotionally and spiritually leading her to find her true purpose.

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1 to 1 Coaching

Support and guidance for you to become more fully your authentic self and step into your true power so you may live your life with purpose and passion!

online courses

The Path to Purpose – Uncovering the Authentic You program will give you a step-by-step process to gain the clarity you need to discover your true purpose in life!


For groups who want to understand themselves and each others better to build more effective teams, increasing engagement and retention.


In our fast-paced technological age, people are realizing that they have left the “soul” out of their major life decisions. They are finding that the acquisition of material things doesn’t necessarily bring lasting happiness and fulfillment. This fast-paced living can lead to stress, disillusionment and dissatisfaction sometimes ending in physical and mental illness. As a result, many people are beginning to seek answers to deeper questions about the purpose and meaning of their lives, looking for ways to improve the quality of life.

Soul Solutions focuses on inspiring clients from the “inside-out” versus the traditional approach of “outside in”.  Through  Soul Solutions, clients are encouraged to access their innate wisdom and abilities and become empowered and motivated to make positive long-term changes in their lives.

Fran Kruse

“Being self aware and determined to follow my passion allowed me to take advantage of career opportunities that were in tune with my spirit. Today I am in charge of my life and happy. Thanks so much Lorie for your guidance and support!”

Heleina Bobbitt

“Lorie took an empathic and results orientated approach that allowed me to become very clear about my direction. My confidence increased again and I was able to move forward. I highly recommend Lorie to anyone who wants to move in the direction of his or her dreams and goals.”

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