7 Steps to Writing Affirmations that Can Change Your Life

Affirmations were one of the main “tools” I used that changed my life. When I was feeling stressed, stuck and overwhelmed affirmations worked to change my mindset from a victim stance to an empowered stance. I practised until I believed it, my words became my thoughts, my thoughts became my beliefs and my beliefs influenced my choices and behaviours in a positive way.

Whether you know it or not, you are saying affirmations. When you say things like, “Things never go right for me.” “I am having a bad day.” “This cold will not go away.” “I feel good.” “I am having a nice time.” All of these, whether positive or negative are affirmations. We are reinforcing the thought and idea of how things are in our mind, and therefore we continue to see those things the same way. This is because we’re all highly suggestible, even if we think we’re not!

Affirmations can help us to keep a positive attitude about life. And since we are stating affirmations anyway, either silently or out loud, why not make sure we are stating positive things by formulating them ourselves. Writing our own affirmations makes them personal to us, which can then help us to get through our own individual situations.

When you start writing your own affirmations, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Make them personal. Use I.

    • Example: “I am having an exceptional day today!”

  2. Use the present tense. Your power lies in the present. Affirmations change our feelings now, which is why you want to stay positive and strong in this moment.

    • Example: “I am feeling relaxed.”

  3. Be You. This just means to use your own style.

    • Bad Example: “Presently I feel the urge to enjoy my existence.”

    • Good Example: “I enjoy my life.”

  4. Be short. Affirmations are meant to be short, simple and sweet.

    • Example: “I am in perfect health.”

  5. Make it positive. Affirmations are positive statements, so avoid negative words like “not.”

    • Example: “I am at peace with my mind.”

  6. Make it believable. If it’s not believable, you won’t take it seriously and your subconscious will just dismiss it.

    • Example: “I am choosing to be happy today.”

  1. Practice always makes perfect. Write down the affirmations you’re feeling. Say your affirmations to yourself daily. Take deep breaths and keep your eyes on your goal.

Affirmations can make all the difference in reaching your goals. Give them a try and enjoy the benefits these positive statements can make in your life.

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