3 Important Questions When Choosing a Career/Business

Work, whether you are working for someone else or yourself can be hard. After a while, the time, effort and challenges can wear you down.  You can begin to lose interest and momentum if you are not really working at a business or in a career that you have a strong interest and aptitude for.

Rather than choosing a career based on what they are really suited for, people commonly choose careers because of what is “hot” in the market at the time and think that is the quickest and easiest route to making a living. Other people are influenced by family opinions or by a friend who knows about an opening at a company. Some people need a job so they choose the first opportunity that comes along.

Many people don’t take the time to really determine what career is the best fit for them. You need to ask yourself three important questions before you commit to a career or business path:

1.    Do I have both the skills AND the interest in this business or career?

Just because you have the skills doesn’t mean that it’s the right career choice for you. Think about the activities this career/business entails.  Are these tasks the types of things that you love to do, or are the tasks you have to do because they are a necessary part of this type of business? Granted, running a business or most jobs will almost always entail doing some things that we do not enjoy, but the core of your business and job should be about what you love to do. The more administrative tasks can be contracted out or done by an employee (if not now, perhaps eventually).

2.    What is my main motivator for this type of work?

If money is your main motivator it will only energize your efforts to a point. In recent decades, a wealth of data has shown that once personal wealth is about $12,000 a year, more money produces virtually no increase in life satisfaction. Among the top factors that affect people’s happiness are satisfaction, interest and enjoyment in their jobs.  We usually enjoy those things that we have some aptitude or natural talent for. And, the more we enjoy and are satisfied with what we do, the more we are motivated to do it. Therefore, it is important to determine whether this type of business or job is something you feel strongly about, and have some natural talent for.

3.    Does this work really suit my personality, interests and values?

If you’re working at something that’s not a good fit — not in alignment with who you really are — you can’t bring the same energy, drive or enthusiasm to what you do. In that situation, how successful can you be? If you’re working at a business or career that suits who you are, not only will you have more energy and drive, you’ll be very clear and confident in what you do and about your message when you are marketing your products and services.  Have you taken the time to get clear about who you are, what you have to offer and how that best matches with a career?

So if you’re considering starting a business, or making a career change, have you chosen a field that is the best fit for your particular strengths, values, interests and personality?

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