Are You Being Your Authentic Self?

What would this world be like if we were showing our AUTHENTIC selves?  I think that it would be a much better place.  What does it mean to show our authentic selves?  For me it means being real, showing my true nature and feelings.  For a lot of my life I put up walls to hide my authentic self.  I did this for fear of being rejected.  Although this may have saved me from feeling hurt, it cost me the good feelings of an authentic connection with others.  The person that I present to the world is still not always my authentic self, but I am allowing her to show up more and more.

Imagine if we were able to step out and not be fearful about showing up as our authentic selves.  Wouldn’t this be so liberating?  I am finding that as I am more fully me I feel more joy and wonder and dare I say, sometimes even act more child-like.  I also find that I am less tense, have access to more energy and am in touch with more creativity.  Because I have less resistance I am pointed downstream moving with the current of life instead of against it.  As stated in the teachings of “Abraham-Hicks”, things FLOW better.

So what stops us from revealing our Authentic Self?  For me it was and still is to a lesser degree, a feeling of being less than others.  Feeling like I am flawed somehow and if anyone saw that they would not like me, or worse yet, reject me.  And who wants to be rejected?  My goal is to feel good about myself and know that if I do feel rejection that I am still a worthy being.  I have learned that it is okay to make mistakes and that not all people are going to like me anyway and that is okay!   As Buddha said “You yourself, as much as anyone else in the entire universe, deserve your LOVE and AFFECTION.”

For me, making this change to feeling worthy enough so that more of my authentic self shows up has been a process.  This process has included: a therapist’s unconditional acceptance and insights…thank you Jag, my husband John’s love and acceptance, many self-help books, my mother Hazel who is always there for me, Kevin Trudeau for the CD series “Your Wish Is Your Command” and, Abraham Hicks for helping me understand that changing my THINKING and where I put my FOCUS is the most important part of revealing my authentic self.  Our thoughts create our reality and when we are thinking thoughts and focusing on things that are positive and uplifting we are connected to our source and our “real” selves shine through.  This process did not happen overnight, it has taken many years and many ups and downs to get here (not that it has to).

One of the tools I found works really well in moving to a better feeling place is called the “Emotional Guidance Scale” developed by Abraham-Hicks.   To FEEL BETTER we always want to be reaching for the best feeling thought that we can.  You reach up from whatever emotion you are currently feeling on the Emotional Guidance Scale to the next best emotion you can feel on the Emotional Guidance Scale.  For example, it could be reaching up to anger from guilt, as long as feeling anger feels better for you than feeling guilt.  And then you keep reaching up to a better and better* feeling place.  You will find it in “Ask & It Is Given” by Esther & Jerry Hicks on page 114 or by searching on Google.

*all feelings are okay, it is just that some feelings, feel better than others.

To fully be our authentic self and experience more joy in our lives it is important to invest and commit in ourselves.  After all, what are we here for but to be happy and feel JOY and how can we do that if we aren’t being real.   Make YOU worth it, be your authentic self!

Cindy Roberts is a mixture of adventurer, dynamic go-getter, environmentalist, mother, spiritual seeker, animal lover and spreader of the truth. Along with being an entrepreneur for the past 20 years she has spent the last 30 years working on her emotional, physical & spiritual aspects and is now sharing what she has learned with the world. Cindy is currently working on a Weight Management Specialist Certification and her favourite way to stay fit is to get outdoors into the forest with her dog Sam.

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