Security: Within or Without?

I had what could be called an epiphany today. What Oprah calls an “aha moment”. But more about that epiphany in a minute. What I often find is that I will understand something intellectually and think, “I get this, I know this” and, I will kind of take it for granted, and think that I understand it sufficiently. But then I seem to “forget” what I “know” again, at least for a time.

Neale Donald Walsch in his book, Conversations With God says that we indeed do forget these truths that we know on a deeper level, but then thankfully we remember again. This made me feel better reading this. Yet I often wish I just wouldn’t “forget” at all.

Wow, I just had another epiphany. Some days are like that!! I believe that forgetting and remembering are part of the contrast that I have learned about through Abraham-Hicks teachings. When I forget, I invite in the contrast – which are the things that I don’t want and this causes the part of me that is connected to source to expand with what I do want. So when I remember again and align with my source I deepen my understanding each time of what I am remembering and come into alignment with all of those things I have put in my vortex and that I do want.

Okay, back to my original epiphany. I was working on my new free product, The Ultimate Career Change Guide, and when I was writing about how we often make the mistake of looking for our security on the outside (see I do know this) it hit me really hard just how much I had been doing this again, even though I “know” better. I was looking for my security on the outside.

I have actually been trying lately to take time to regularly align myself with my source because I do understand this and know when I do this how I get into the flow of life and things fall into place so easily, and I am much happier! But for some reason all of a sudden it was so clear to me just how much over the last number of years I have focused on things outside of myself for my happiness, especially through my relationships and my work. It was clear how I was trying to force things, rather than aligning with my source and allowing things to flow easily through me and to me.

The great thing is, is that when I do remember and practice aligning with who I truly am within, this leads to a much greater sense of security than anything on the outside ever could.

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