Six Vital Elements to Discovering Your Purpose

1. Awareness & Awakening: Be open to your inner voice and what it is telling you.

Becoming aware and awake is knowing that something in our life needs to change.  An awakening is often accompanied by feelings of discontent, of not really feeling happy but not really knowing why.  We do know that we are no longer satisfied with the status quo. We sense and feel an inner knowing that there is more to life.  We want to feel happy.  We sense there is an underlying purpose to our existence here even if we are not quite sure what it is. Over the past 20 years working with individuals in life and career transition it has become a common theme to hear people, particularly at about middle age (35 – 50) (although it can happen at most any age) say things such as, “I want a job where I feel I am making a difference.” Or half jokingly say, “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.”  Or, “I want to look forward to getting up and going to work every day.”  In a sense this discontent and/or pain we are feeling is a call and the first step of self-awareness that something in our life needs to change.

2. Surrender & Faith: Learn to go with the flow of life rather than resisting it.

Surrendering is about being willing to let go of all of the things that we are powerless over, our addictions, emotions, relationships, problems and making space for something else to come in. Surrendering is about Letting Go and Letting God.  It is about learning to listen to that voice, prompting, or intuition in the stillness within. Surrender is not passivity, but a choosing of where to direct our energy.  We can choose to direct our energy towards fighting something or flowing with something.  When we release our hold it frees up this energy to flow in the direction it needs to.  We struggle because we do not trust.  We trust by taking it one step further and that is to let go and let God, Goddess, the Universe, Spirit, Love, the Law of Attraction or whatever source resonates with you, work its ‘magic’ in your life so that you allow the good you deserve to come to you.

3. Community & Support: Find like-minded people to support you on your journey.

As this awakening is an inner journey there is always some degree of aloneness that will accompany you on this path. Depending on how many others in your life have had an awakening you can end up feeling very alone and different as you experience this new awareness.  Seeking out the company of like-minded individuals can help to ease this time of transition and assist you in feeling less alone as you make this journey towards your true purpose. Having the support of others often provides us with the motivation to continue even when things get difficult, it helps us feel we are not alone and that we can accomplish whatever we need to in order to reach our goals.

4. Health & Healing: Practise self-care, living in the moment and releasing your feelings.

When we are out of alignment with who we truly are we can create illness in our bodies and minds. Therefore it is important that we address this illness / misalignment so that we are able to become clear enough to find that true alignment within ourselves.  Once we have taken the time to address any blocks in regards to our physical, mental or emotional health we become clearer and are able to tune in more clearly to who were really are, what it is that we want and don’t want, who we want to be and where we want to go on this journey of life.  We can then discover our unique life purpose.

5. Passion & Purpose: Get very clear on who you are and what you want in life.

This step is about really asking yourself who am I and what do I really want?  This self-awareness step is about taking the time to really discern who you are, what is important to you and what you want out of life.  It is also about becoming empowered as we own our truth about who we are and become more in alignment with what drives us, what motivates us, what awakens our passion and our spirit.  Taking the steps to become clear about who you are can assist you greatly in getting clear and staying clear so that you are able to uncover and live your soul’s purpose

6. Joy in the Journey: Joy comes through completion of the previous steps.

The joy is definitely in the journey not the destination.  Think about when you had a goal you reached.  The happiness you felt would have only lasted for a short while compared to the time it took you to accomplish the goal.  Remember the joy is not in the destination but in the journey and to experience joy in that journey it is important to make your way through the steps we have outlined here.

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