Moving into Alignment – The Power of Your Beliefs

Beliefs are defined as something that is believed or accepted as true by a person whether or not there is proof of its validity. Beliefs are the foundation of who we have been, who we are and who we are becoming. A belief is a thought that we think over and over again until we believe it to be true.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Living in Integrity – How to Be Yourself in a World that is Constantly Trying to Make You Something Else, the majority of our beliefs develop in our formative years with influences from our parents, teachers and culture. Our beliefs can be conscious and unconscious. What we have learned from our influencers become our thoughts which form our beliefs leading to further thoughts which lead to our actions and behaviours.

Our behaviours are indicators of both the conscious and unconscious beliefs we hold. For example, when I was growing up it was implied that saying no to others was not okay since it met with disapproval and I was told that I was selfish.  It became clear that it was better to go along to get along.  Although this was not stated explicitly my thoughts in reaction to my caregivers went something like, “oh I better listen”, or “They are getting mad at me, I should do what they want” which led to this underlying belief that I should put others needs before my own.

As far as conscious beliefs, I would often hear the phrase “Godliness is next to cleanliness” stated in my home.  It was something that I consciously believed, and rebelled against (my messy bedroom was how I acted that out!).  So how come I believed it if I was rebelling against it?  Because it is what I was taught and the fact that I reacted against it showed that on some level I was still ‘buying’ into the belief. A little later I ended up swinging to the other extreme where everything had to be perfect before anyone could even step a foot in my house.

In examining your beliefs, you will find that some are healthy and some unhealthy, some serve you and some do not. You will also find that you have layers of beliefs.  By understanding your beliefs, the thoughts that are connected to them and the resulting behaviours you will be able to come from a more proactive and peaceful place!   Today I no longer believe or am driven by the belief  that the state of my bedroom, or house for that matter determines how Godly I am!

Clearly, your beliefs can affect your success at whatever you want to succeed at. If we have conscious and unconscious beliefs that are holding us back it is only be examining, challenging and changing those beliefs that we can let go of our blocks to success.  We are often more in control of our lives than we may think, but often not in the way we think. (I will explain this further in my next blog post!)

So how can you change this? Watch for my next post that will help you to challenge and change your beliefs so that you can use the power of your beliefs to bring you the success you deserve!

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