3 Common Myths About Purpose – and the Truth About Them

Myth #1: Your purpose is what you do.

For example, your purpose is about being a doctor, or an electrician, or a truck driver.

Years ago a very wise doctor told me, you are human a BEING not a human doing.   It is when we are BEING fully ourselves that we are in alignment with who we truly are, our purpose.

So our purpose is about who we are BEING in our lives, not about what we are doing or working at. But, having said that, the more we spend BEING our purpose the more we are inspired to do certain things. And those things help us to feel fulfilled and happy.

Myth #2: Our purpose is to be found only by looking outside of ourselves, at what we love to do

In one of the steps in my Discovering Your Purpose program we look at both our values as well as virtues. It is in these that you will get a clue as to what your purpose is.

To clarify what I mean by values and virtues:

Values are what we give value, worth, respect or merit to, we may value family or security or creativity for example.

Virtues are character traits or qualities we value as good. Virtues are the meaning and purpose of our lives; they are the content of our character and the truest expression of our souls. For example, confidence, creativity, determination, love, and authenticity.

These are states of BEING. We are BEING confident, creative, determined, loving, authentic. So our purpose is related to the virtues that we seem to have a strong tendency towards or value the most.

Myth #3: You have only one purpose (thing you can do)

Well since our purpose is not about doing, there is NOT only one thing that we can do while BEING in alignment with our purpose.

If our purpose WAS about what we do and we are a doctor, then we could only do one thing, be a doctor. But, you can actually do a number of things while you are BEING your purpose.

The things that you are inspired to do from your purpose can become part of your mission.   Your mission is how you use your purpose in the world.

But it is very important to remember that before you go and start using your purpose and mission to help others, you need to be true to your own purpose first.  It is when we are true to our purpose that we become more centred and happy in who we are. AND, it is hard to give away something we don’t have.

Watch for Lorie’s next blog… How I (and others) Found Our Purpose in Life

Lorie Roberts distinct blend of compassion, insight and experience enables her to inspire, encourage and support stressed and burnt-out professionals and teams to increase their happiness, satisfaction and effectiveness in work and life through becoming more aligned with themselves and their true purpose.  Lorie has worked as an addictions counsellor, adult education teacher, and a career and employment counsellor spanning over 20 years. Lorie’s other important roles are that of Mother, daughter, sister, spiritual seeker and health enthusiast.

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