Are You Engaged at Work?

Did you know…

A recent Gallup Management Journal article cited the results of a survey on employee engagement.

The findings:
Actively Engaged in their work: 30%
Disengaged from their work: 52%
Actively Disengaged (causing trouble): 18%

The results were virtually unchanged from 2008 (1%). So you can’t blame the economy.
70% of workers NOT engaged with their work!

A number of studies have also found that rewarding people (using extrinsic rewards) actually leads to poorer performance, for example, economists at the London Stock Exchange LSE looked at 51 studies of pay-for-performance plans, inside of companies.  Here is what the economists said: “We find that financial incentives can result in a negative impact on overall performance.”

So this raises the question then, What makes an employee engaged?

In his book Intrinsic Motivation at Work, What Really Drives Employee Engagement, Kenneth Thomas PhD. Professor and Researcher describe four intrinsic rewards needed to energize today’s employees.

  • A sense of purpose or meaningfulness
  • The ability to choose how the tasks are performed
  • A sense of competence from performing work activities well, and
  • A sense of progress

Do you know that the underlying theme for all of these motivators is having a sense of control and power over your own destiny and work?  We all want to feel engaged, part of something, and passionate about something.  It is obvious that when we are not engaged at work it affects us in all areas of our lives, poor performance can lead to loss of opportunities for advancement, and pay raises, possibly even job loss, tension at home with loved ones, addictive behaviours such as overeating (gaining weight), overdrinking, etc.

Through gaining clarity on your purpose and what provides meaning in your work you become more engaged, happier, and productive in all areas of your life.

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