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Find Your Path to Purpose – Through uncovering the Authentic You!

Do you want to feel more fulfilled in life?  Are you feeling confused or stuck in life but want to feel more fulfilment, peace and joy more of the time.  With the assistance of a coach, you can increase and enhance your capacity to be more authentic and in integrity with yourself.  You will get clear on your life purpose and how to find fulfilment in your life, AND if you want you can take it one step further and you can turn it into a career you love! 

Start with a free no obligation Life Purpose or Career Clarity Call to get clear on whether coaching with Lorie is right for you.  Book your appointment here:  Clarity Call

Online Courses


Personality Dimensions – A system for understanding yourself and others better to be more effective in work and life. 

Building on research over the last 2 decades PD is developed from the work of Carl Jung, David Keirsey, Linda Berens, as well as the past 25 centuries of the history of Temperament Personality Dimensions deepens your understanding of personality type.  Through identifying differences, similarities, values, strengths, joys and stressors Personalty Dimension workshops can assist with creating high performance teams, increasing sales, greater leadership effectiveness, conflict management, work-life balance and career building or transitions. 

Contact us for further information and to have your workshop customized to meet your group’s needs

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