“I have to say that working with Lorie is a pleasure. A few years ago, I took her program, Discovering Your Purpose, in order to go to the next level in my career and life. I was able to clarify who I was and value my strengths and talents. Being self aware and determined to follow my passion allowed me to take advantage of career opportunities that were in tune with my spirit. Today I am in charge of my life and happy. Thanks so much Lorie for your guidance and support!”

Fran Kruse
Co-owner / Master Granola Baker at:
“Lorie’s help allowed me to figure out how I could combine my interests and education to have a career that I love! I was burnt out after working for 21 years in very high stress retail sales environment. After being referred from another client, Lorie took an empathic and results orientated approach that allowed me to become very clear about my direction. My confidence increased again and I was able to move forward. I highly recommend Lorie to anyone who wants to move in the direction of his or her dreams and goals.”

Heleina Bobbitt, C.P.S.W
A Caring Heart Home Support Services

“Lorie, as a facilitator you were excellent.  I have a hard time believing that another person could have pulled us all together as well as you did.”
~ Vivian
“Just incredible.  Thanks, it’s just what I needed but didn’t realize it when I started.”
~ Sandra
“I really appreciate Lorie’s spiritual nature.  It helps my confidence and self esteem because of her honesty and belief system.”
~ Nicole
“I have no suggestions on improving this program because I really think it was great.  Lorie is a wonderful person and great instructor. This program came into my life when I really needed it and I hope it continues, for every woman out there who feels the way I did when I first came here.”  
~ Melba

Dear Lorie,

I’d like to personally thank-you for all your help in making the Paralegal program possible.  For year’s I’ve struggled in my career, looking outside when I should have looked within.  I was sure that when we first met, it’d be another session of me “blowing off steam”, but you listened and picked up on my strengths and skills – developing a plan of action that opened up incredible opportunities that seemed so obvious that I never was able to see clearly.  Thank you again, you truly made a difference in my career going forward.



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