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This Stress Test will help you:

  • Evaluate how well you are currently coping with the Stress in your life
  • Understand the effects your level of stress is having on you
  • Gain insight into better ways to cope with stress
  • Discover what stress may be costing you over time 
  • Give you ideas about coping with stress to implement right away

You’re not alone! 

There are many reasons that Salespeople are feeling stressed: timeline pressures, high or insufficient workloads, difficult clients, weak or ineffective managers, lack of control over work activities, lack of support, poor physical work environment, lack of recognition, and interpersonal conflict.

As an experienced sales professional you are likely good at your job and highly skilled, yet lately you may have been feeling more stress and even exhausted and worried about burnout. You don't seem to have the same degree of energy you once had, and you're not finding the same fulfillment in your job

A good place to start when it comes to changing this is to look at where you are right now. To what degree are you stressed and how is this stress affecting you?

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"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and

over again and expecting different results."  

Albert Einstein



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